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Hi, Im Leigh!

Hi everyone my name is Leigh! 


I am a wife and mom of 2 kiddos, Harper (7) and Henry (4) with a life- long love of fitness! I am currently studying through NASM to become a certified personal trainer! My family and I live on a small hobby farm in Saugatuck, Michigan with 2 horses, a bunch of chickens (if you know me you know I love me some chickens!), 4 goats, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs and 3 cats! So to say that we are busy around here is an understatement. If we aren't carting off to school, karate, horse riding lessons or the grocery store for the 8th time in a week we are probably outside cleaning out the goat house, horse run or chicken coop. You know what, I kinda love it (but kinda don't where there is a foot of snow on the ground!).


So you may be wondering WHAT is the Fit Chick Society? 


I have been working as a health coach guiding thousands of women along on their journey to fitness and overall health and wellness for almost 2 years and have recently felt the need to create a different atmosphere, weighing heavy on my heart. 


I created a community on Facebook, for women to join, where there are no biased opinions towards what their lifestyle should look like, be it low carb, fasting, paleo, vegan, whole foods, macro tracking, or IIFYM. Whatever works best is great! I don't want people feeling pushed to eat a certain way because you they feel like anything else is wrong, furthermore I want to support people in finding their ideal way of eating and challenge them to try new things until they find a way of eating that feels good, seamlessly fits their life, and helps them reach your goals. All while still being enjoyable. 


The Fit Chick society is a space for people to learn to workout and move in a way that excites them, makes them want to get up in the morning and strengthens their body. I don't want people feeling forced into a set schedule or guidelines of working out just because you are told all other ways are wrong. I want you to find a way of working out that makes you feel happy and strong. Not overworked and obligated. 


Facebook is full of information and cluttered with the next great fitness program, guru or influencer so I want the fit chicks society to be a resource for women that is valuable, informative, fun and helps us cut through the clutter that is the fitness industry and those pesky targeted FB ads. 


Thus, The Fit Chick Society was born!


Now, quick fun story about the name. Like I said above I LOVE chickens! That may sound weird and I totally get it cause it really is! But hang out with a chicken for a bit and you will get it, they are stinkin hilarious. So when I wanted to create a community for women on facebook I wanted it to be genuine and nothing felt more genuine  to me then creating a flock of Fit Chicks!! 


Once I created the FB community it only felt appropriate to accompany that with a blog. I’ve got a lot of info and stories up in this noggin that I want to spill out and what’s the best way to do that then on the good ol’ internet!


Thanks for submitting!

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