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Intro to Blog Land!

Its official, I have started a blog.

Now this is kind of out of the box for me because:

a.) I never thought I would do this and

b.) I cant spell

c.)I have the grammar skills of a toddler

But I'm going to do it anyway and just rely one spell check as much as possible and I guess just ignore the grammar portion.

After healthy coaching for 2 years I am working on getting my personal training certification and working on a fun project that I can’t WAIT to roll out with in the next couple of weeks!

Most of my blog posts that I have planned or am dreaming up in the future are more fitness/nutrition and lifestyle related but I wanted to start out with a bit more about me and my family so we can get to know each other a bit more.

So like I said in my “About Me” on my site, name is Leigh and I am a mom of 2 kiddos. Harper (7) and Henry (4). We live on a small hobby farm in Saugatuck Michigan. I get asked a ton, when people find out we have a farm, what we farm. Well, we don't really farm anything we have an animal farm. So we don’t produce and sell crops for profit we basically just have a shit ton of pets and flush our hard earned money down the toilet for fun LOL If you have, had, or know someone who has and animal hobby farm you know that while that is funny, it's a pretty damn accurate description of what we do.

Another common thing I get asked is if I grew up on a farm. Nope, I did not! Well, I grew up next to a tree farm does that count??... I actually have always just been a bit of a crazy animal person. I love hangin out with animals, I love watching them and their different personalities and all the crazy shit that they do. They are actually really funny.

I was talking with one of my clients the other day (oh yeah, for those who don’t know me I am a hairstylist too!) and we were talking about my mare (female horse) Juana. This client is the selfless soul who GAVE our family this horse and we are forever grateful. But we were chatting and I was telling her how I loved Juana’s personality and how distinct it is and easy it is to place human emotion on what she is doing. I came to the conclusion that the best description for this horse was that she was a desperate housewife… a little boujie but also a bit trashy and i'm telling you, hang out and watch an animal long enough, you will be able to characterize their personality to your fave show, celeb, or family member.

I grew up with a single household pet, Mocha a chocolate lab, who was my ride or die….. Ok that's dramatic but we were pretty tight, and I just loved her to pieces and loved growing up with her!

So you might be curious like:

“Leigh, i get it I had a dog too but that's not a gateway to straight up animal farming. So what gives??”

Well, after I had Harper, my first born spawn, I got a lil sad and lost for a bit. Kind of felt like… who am I now? So Trevor (my husband) recommended a hobby, so I thought about that and decided I had always wanted to learn to ride a horse. So I started taking lessons and that is 100% where it all started. As simple as that, I had a few months of lessons (before finding out baby #2 was on the way) and I was hooked and knew I wanted my own horses. And if you have horses you have to have every other animal on the planet too in my eyes.

Bless my husband for turning our heavily wooded property into as much of a farm as we can make it, building me and the kids countless coops and shelters and paddocks and pastures. Shoveling and cleaning literal tons of manure and bedding and just really being the champion of the farm so the kids and I can go out there and frolic around and do all the fun stuff like petting, grooming, feeding, riding and loving on all of our beloved creatures.

So thats that for my first blog. How’d I do??

Debi, if you read this go ahead and let me know where I need to improve on my grammar you genius you!

P.s. Debi is my sister, I have a big sis and little Brother (David).

Fun Fact: It is a family joke that they both made it to college level math while still in high school and I was in special ed math until my senior year at which point I then advanced to basic algebra … a senior in a class full of freshmen. So while my sister and I talk almost identical and David and I think all the same shit is funny, they stole all the math genes from mom and dad and I will never forgive them ;)

Now, for your viewing pleasure.... here are some of my critters!

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